2021 Annual General and Special Meeting

The following are the details of Azarga’s 2021 Annual General and Special Meeting:

June 25, 2021 – 10:00 AM (PDT)
Unit 1 – 15782 Marine Drive
White Rock, BC

The Information Circular describes the business to be conducted at the meeting. It is important that you exercise your vote, either in person at the meeting or by completing and returning your proxy form.

Below are copies of the proxy materials and proxy voting instructions for Azarga.

Notice of Availability
Notice of Annual General and Special Meeting and Information Circular
Form of Proxy
Voting Instruction Form
Financial Statements Request Form

To request a printed copy of the materials, please contact the Corporate Secretary using the following numbers:

Toll free at +1-855-536-2711
North America: +1-604-536-2711 ext. 6

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